Mission, vision and strategy

Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. is a 'different' company than that of most of our colleagues and possibly that needs some explanation of our mission and vision (and strategy). We are not a traditional water sports company that does electrical propulsion and systems 'on the side'. We feel that the knowledge required for that is too specific. Nor are we a manufacturer of such systems. We believe in smart deployment of existing products, in combination or not, based on our own knowledge and experience.


Integral electrification of (sailing) water sports with attention to the local ecosystem

Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. originated from the rebuilding of our own cabin catamaran. For this boat we had a few relatively easy to define requirements.

  • Preservation of the original design
  • Fully revised layout
  • Electric drive
  • State-of-the-art new electrical and sensory systems on board
  • One shore power connection for all systems on board to match available infrastructure

We soon found out that no one could help us with this. Of course there was electric propulsion available, but then that was a stand-alone system with its own plug designed for single version; we have a catamaran. We could also buy new electrical systems, but then integration with an NMEA2000 data network was again difficult. And how could we still charge both the house battery and both (!) electric motors on a standard 16A or even 8A shore power connection without thinking? All these puzzles we solved ourselves.

After the catamaran, the dinghy was also electrically powered. The use of these new technologies has exceeded our expectations. Especially the awareness of the positive effect of these products on the local ecosystem inspired us to establish Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. By the way, this ecosystem should be interpreted broadly. Of course, we have 100% eliminated fuel, lubricating oil and exhaust fumes. The absence of noise reduces nuisance in nature and port. However, what we have also noticed is that we become quieter and sail more quietly. This again results in less nuisance, but also less unnecessary wave action which in turn benefits nature.

Truly local, we want to use our knowledge, expertise and energy to make water sports more sustainable in the Westland region and contribute to both the quality of our surface water as well as the tourist exploitation of this wetland.



Continuing social electrification to the lighter pleasure craft with a focus on knowledge, experience and customer friendliness

Globally, there is an electrifying movement of cars, cargo transport, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, etc. Nowhere, however, is the negative impact of the internal combustion engine more tangible than in the local recreational boating ecosystem.

Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. is going to change this. We do this by, from the frame of reference of sailing sports, supplying propulsion systems (from sup motor to light inboard motor). By offering our customers integral solutions for all electrical and sensory systems on board. Finally, Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. will actively invest in (project) development for the benefit of local water sports, tourism and recreation.



Starting small, maximizing visibility, staying independent and growing organically

Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. has started supplying dinghy engines like the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus. This leads to a modest start.

Active in-house SEO and brand awareness efforts ensure maximum online visibility. In addition, all relevant trade shows are visited and appointments are made with manufacturers and suppliers here.

The start-up financing comes 100% from our own resources and dependence on external financiers is not aspired to. Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. has a product range that is determined by customer demand and own experience, not by requirements of our suppliers. Being able to independently deliver the advice and product that best meets the needs of our customers is our highest priority.


About us

Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. is located in Monster on the edge of the watery Westland region. Located between Rotterdam and The Hague, near Delft and the North Sea. Our showroom and workshop are located on through water. We also have a berth at the Haringvliet where we can arrange trial runs. We also work together with a renowned yacht builder and shipyard in Woubrugge. This location has its own marina, a large crane and a heated and unheated shed. In short, no matter how big or small your project is, we can provide you with the products and support you need.

Want to buy a new electric motor for your boat or convert an existing boat to electric propulsion? In our webshop you will find everything you need to make your project a success. We offer the widest range of the Netherlands in the field of electric motors and propulsion systems in pleasure craft, at the most competitive price. We distinguish ourselves by our own experience with electrification of existing boats and can therefore guarantee that your expensive purchase will also lead to a positive experience. Regularly in our webshop you will find products on sale, we place our own test reports in our blog page and we also offer complete sets of motor, battery and all additionally required equipment. On our home page are a number of reviews and ratings from satisfied customers, we would be happy to add your review here.