ePropulsion Evo tiller


Removable tiller control with integrated display that monitors real-time engine and battery status.

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ePropulsion Evo tiller

Removable tiller control with integrated display that monitors real-time engine and battery status.

Suitable for: Spirit (R) Evo, Navy 3.0 Evo and Navy 6.0 Evo
Weight: 1.1 kg
Integrated display: 3.4″
Screen lighting: Yes
Wireless connection: Not applicable
Can be connected with safety strap: Max 8 pieces
Communication: Wiring (max 15 meters)

Electric propulsion systems in pleasure boating

Advantages of electric motors? In summary: Clean, quiet, low-maintenance, reliable, practical, super strong and very predictable and controllable range. Knowing more? be sure to read our blog post about electric sailing and then our practical experiences with these beautiful products.

Electric motors can be divided into the following categories:

Inboard engines:

These are engines that are built into the boat to replace, for example, an existing marine diesel or to drive a sloop with a built-in engine. Propulsion takes place, for example, via a propeller shaft or sail drive and the engine is usually placed along the length of the boat.

Outboard engines:

These are engines that are, for example, attached to the rear (transom) of the boat. These motors are therefore more flexible because they are easily accessible and removable. When there is a voltage of 24 volts or higher, we call it an outboard motor.

Whisper engines:

Whisper motors are the lighter brother of the outboard motor because of a voltage below 24 volts. They are often powered by an external 12V battery.


These engines are therefore mounted under the boat . This therefore has the great advantage that the engine does not take up any space in the boat and is not visible on the outside of the boat.


Our water scooter is an electrically powered swimming board. When used the other way around, it is also a double water cannon. This is not only a fun toy for small children, but also a very useful tool for less mobile swimmers.

SUP engine:

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is becoming increasingly popular, but is also a strenuous sport. However, by equipping the SUP with an auxiliary motor, covering large distances becomes a lot easier. Be sure to read our test of the ePropulsion Vaquita SUP motor .

Canoe or kayak motor:

Just like for the SUP, we also supply supporting motors for kayak and canoe.

Assortment of accessories

In addition to all the above types of engines, Robust-MT Marine Technology BV also offers matching batteries , accessories , bags , chargers , controls and parts .

About us

Robust-MT Marine Technology BV is located in Monster on the edge of the water-rich Westland . Located in South Holland between Rotterdam and The Hague, but also near Delft and the North Sea. Our showroom and workshop are also located on a main waterway. We also have a berth on the Haringvliet, near Zeeland, where we can also arrange trial runs. We also work with a renowned yacht builder and shipyard in Woubrugge near Amsterdam and North Holland. This location also has its own port, a large crane as well as a heated and unheated warehouse. In summary, no matter how big or small your project is, we can provide you with the products and support you need.

About our products

Do you want to buy a new electric motor for your boat or, for example, convert an existing boat to electric propulsion? Everything you need to make your project a success is available in our webshop We offer the widest range in the Netherlands in the field of electric motors and drive systems for pleasure boating and at the best prices. We also distinguish ourselves through our own experiences with electrification of existing boats and therefore guarantee that your expensive purchase also leads to a positive experience. products on sale in our webshop , we post our own test reports in our blog page and we also offer complete sets of motor, battery and all additional required equipment. Our homepage also contains a number of reviews and ratings from satisfied customers, we would like to add your review here.

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Weight 1.1kg


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