Electrical systems and propulsion in pleasure craft

Welcome to Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. the specialist in electrical systems and propulsion in pleasure craft.

"Fantastic personal service. Lovers of water sports and knowledgeable. Like to think with you and I was really amazed by the good service. Rare! Things went wrong with my order for the ePropulsion motor, but I didn't worry for a moment. Remco followed up on everything and the package arrived in one piece. Thanks again for the excellent contact and bizarrely good service!"

J.B. Aug. 13, 2022

"He did it perfectly! You can hardly hear anything and with the three of us on the boat he progressed fine. Thanks and have a great weekend. Regards"

M.J. Aug. 12, 2022

"Well I had to be patient for a while with PostNL but finally the bike was delivered. Thanks so much for filling out the paperwork and packing the bags nicely! The battery is already hanging on the charger so nice cruising tonight tomorrow. Happy weekend!"

P.B. July 29, 2022

"I got the packages in! Thanks for the great service and pleasant communication.
I went to practice with the new engine today. It handles fine, very little noise. Does respond quickly to steering. You can see on the display how much time you have left."

J.M. March 19, 2023

About us

Robust-MT Marine Technology B.V. is located in Monster on the edge of the watery Westland region. Located in South Holland between Rotterdam and The Hague, near Delft and the North Sea. Our showroom and workshop are located on through water. In addition, we also have a berth at the Haringvliet, near Zeeland, where we can also arrange trial runs. We also cooperate with a renowned yacht builder and shipyard in Woubrugge near Amsterdam and North Holland. This location has its own marina, a large crane as well as a heated and unheated shed. In summary, no matter how big or small your project is, we can provide you with the products and support you need.

Do you want to buy a new electric motor for your boat or convert an existing boat to electric propulsion? In our webshop you will find everything you need to make your project a success. We offer the widest range in the Netherlands in the field of electric motors and propulsion systems in pleasure craft and also at the most competitive price. We also distinguish ourselves by our own experience with electrification of existing boats and can guarantee that your purchase will lead to a positive experience. Regularly in our webshop you will find products on sale, we place our own test reports in our blog page and we also offer complete sets of motor, battery and all additionally required equipment. On our homepage there are also a number of reviews and ratings from satisfied customers, we would be happy to add your review.